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Did you know that a single management system can be used to manage occupational health and safety, food safety, quality and the environment (SQE)? Did you know that the best way to manage all SQE related issues is to develop management systems according to internationally recognised standards and specifications?

Envirosense have a proven track record in helping companies develop and operate an integrated management system to cover occupational health and safety (OHSAS18001 or the International Safety Rating System), food safety (IS343 or ISO22000 Draft), quality (ISO9001:2000) and the environment (ISO14001).

We will help you to:

  • carry out gap analysis audits for ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO22000;
  • carry out air emissions surveys and analysis, noise emissions surveys, analysis/training, waste water surveys and analysis;
  • compile and review safety statements, occupational hygiene surveys (dust, solvents, vibration, noise);
  • immediately check the SQE performance of your company, identifying gaps with current regulatory requirements, international management standards, specifications and best practice;
  • identify specific areas for improvement of your SQE performance;
  • identify occupational hazards, risks and control measures as well as the environmental aspects and impacts of your business, using our tried and tested software packages as appropriate;
  • ensure that your training programme is aligned with the FAS 'Excellence Through People' standard and that your training courses cover regulatory requirements at a minimum;
  • ensure that you have an emergency response system (spills, fires, explosions etc) suitable for your organisation;
  • ensure that your procedures and records are adequate e.g., permit to work, change management, waste management, waste water discharge, control of chemicals, inspection and testing of bunds and bulk storage vessels etc., internal audits, handling non-conformances;
  • ensure that you are complying with all applicable regulatory and other monitoring and measurements e.g., pressure vessels, emergency lights, fire prevention and control systems, pressure relief valves, waste water discharge;
  • ensuring that all accidents and incidents are investigated and reported properly as required by the law;
  • ensure that you have an effective internal audit program, helping you to complete these audits if required.

Our goal is to provide you with a single SQE management system that is easily understood by all your employees, easily managed by your managers and easily audited by auditors, while at the same time meets the specific day to day requirements of your business (safe place of work, quality product and clean environment).

The greatest journeys start with the first step. Call us today to discuss any questions that you may have about an integrated management system approach for your business. We would be happy to share our experiences with you and help you take that first step in the right direction!


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